Who And Why

This food blog is a way for my mom and me to share our constant communication about food in a more open, public way. My mom, Ali Smith, is an incredible cook. Currently she lives in Santa Fe, NM and works a full-time baker but really she should have her own restaurant or bakery where she would cook all of her own recipes using mostly plant-based ingredients to create the most healthy, delicious, flavorful, satisfying savory dishes and baked goods with ease. I am a full-time therapeutic Pilates and yoga teacher living in NYC with a passion for cooking and eating all things salty and sweet. I am becoming a better and better cook as I get older, due in large part to my mom’s guidance as we text almost daily about food and cooking. I text her pictures of rare finds in the Asian grocery store, she shares unique ways to make vegan soft serve ice cream with cashews, mango and lime. I tryout her recipes and text back pictures of how it looked and questions about ways to alter or improve the dish. Yesterday I made pickles, miso-tahini spread, and the Angelica Kitchen cornbread. She made kamut salad with roasted squash, herbs, and lemon. We hope you will enjoy and participate in our mother/daughter culinary conversation!